Young, Wild and Free ….

Paulina and Gregory are first mixed duo, which I photographed :)
Great couple who created a great photo.
Whole set was done within a few minutes. It was excellent collaboration between Greg and Paula.

ps.yeees I know idea is not new (outright very exploited) but I don’t care and to be honest I’m very happy with these photos :)

ps. ps. No photoshop at all :)

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  • Model: Paulina Łysa & Grzegorz Fuks
  • Camera: Polaroid 180
  • Location: Sarbinowo, Poland 2015
  • Devchart: Fuji FP-100C, scanned positives

All these pictures was taken during the photo event “Bursztyn Photo Meetup – 2nd edition”

About the title: kto byl na bursztynie ten wie o co kaman :) a kto nie byl tego naprowadzam klipem

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