Dagmara (nude)

My first nude/ topless pictures

[Te truth is] …most photographers wants to do at least once the nude photo session with model.

I had my chance to make my own session with gorgeous model Dagmara during the photography workshops with Andrew Frankowski (very well known polish  photografpher).

Results below :)

So … Now I know that I have still a long way to have good looking photographs but the first step behind me.

Conclusions: It’s not easy how it’s look :) belive me.

Details, details, details makes your pictures good and unique !!!

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  • model: Daga
  • location: Poland/ Tatra Mountains
  • equipment: Nikon D700 & Kiev88cm


2 Responses to “Dagmara (nude)

  • Very good first attempt, it is only a shame that the model, who looks perfectly comfortable in front of your lens is so well endowed in the chest-al area. It rather detracts from the composition. But for sure a great first attempt

  • Thx Kenneth :)